Hail Damage Repair in Rock Hill, SC

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Repairing Hail Damages Since 2005

It’s a situation we’ve seen all too many times: you leave your car outside, a hail storm passes through, and you go back to find your car patterned with dimples and craters. Don’t worry — these damages can be repaired almost as quickly as they came. Dents and Dings LLC of Rock Hill, SC has restored thousands of hail-damaged vehicles in York County and the surrounding communities. Our repair facility specializes in paintless dent repair (PDR), but we can also repair collision-damaged vehicles, scratches, touch-up paint damages, replace damaged parts, and more. We have more than 35 years of experience and hold ourselves to the highest standard, so when your car leaves our facility, it will be back in its pre-hail storm condition. We believe that quality always comes first, so if you need an experienced paintless dent repair or collision shop to handle your hail damage repairs, call us at (803) 627-2995 and schedule your appointment today!

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We Use PDR to Repair Storm Damages

Hail will leave your car covered in dents and dings, so if that’s your situation, you won’t find any place better to have them removed than at Dents and Dings LLC. That’s because paintless dent repair is the preferred method for repairing hail damages. Because we specialize in PDR, we have the specialized tools and experience to masterfully smooth out dents and revert the metal back to its original shape. Most importantly, this practice is cost-effective and allows us to restore your car without affecting its paint. Depending on the severity, repairs can take at least 1-2 days, and if needed Dents and Dings can help with arranging for a rental car or drop you off at home. We also stand by all of our workmanship, so PDR and other necessary parts and services are backed by our lifetime warranty. It’s for these reasons that we’re the best shop to get your hail damage repairs!

Understanding Hail Damages and Insurance

If you have hail damage, you probably wonder if you can file a claim with your insurance company. In many cases, the answer is yes, as long as you have comprehensive coverage, which just leaves you with paying whatever deductible amount that you choose in your insurance policy. However, if you decide to file a claim, you should know that by law, you have the right to choose your repair facility, even if the insurance company suggests one they prefer.

If you decide to choose Dents and Dings LLC for your hail damage repairs, you’ll just need to contact your insurance provider to have an adjuster prepare an estimate, and then call our office to schedule repairs. We have great relationships with all of the major insurance companies, so we will work directly with your adjuster to handle issues and make sure you get the quality repairs that your vehicle deserves. We’re available Monday through Friday, so get your car repaired by visiting our shop at 949 Riverview Road.