What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (also known as PDR) is an innovative approach into the repair of vehicles without using body fillers, harsh chemicals or paint. With continuous research and development, vehicles are now able to be repaired without damaging the existing paint, thus protecting your vehicle’s value. When performed properly, PDR improves your vehicle’s appearance, preserves the original paint, is safe to the environment and is more affordable than conventional collision repair. PDR is more than a skilled trade. It is both an art and craft. As craftsmen, we continue to improve our skills through continuous research, practice and education. More and more insurance companies are seeing the benefits of using PDR for hail-damaged vehicles.

Most dents are repairable through PDR with exception to severely stretched dents or dents with no access. Door dings, shopping cart dents, limb damage, garage mishaps and hail damage are only a few of the things we repair. Deer hits, minor parking lot bumps and rowdy kids are also to blame for some damage but we can handle that as well.

  • Vehicle is restored to its original condition
  • Less downtime; vehicle is returned to customer much sooner
  • Reduced car rental expenses, if any at all
  • No issues regarding mismatched paint
  • Cost effective
  • Reduction of frivolous insurance claims
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What is a "Dent?"

When a dent occurs, the metal is stretched and displaced from its original form. It not only plunges inward, but displaces the metal outward around the edges of the depression. It is similar to dropping a rock in water (see example below). In order for a dent to be repaired correctly, not only does the dent need to be manipulated, but the displaced metal bulging outward around the dent also needs to be manipulated. That is why we use special tools to remove the dent and the high spots as well.

Most of the home remedies create more damage and end up increasing the price of repair. We see it all the time, some vehicle owners or friends decide to try and just push the dent out. Then you end up with a botched repair that is worse than the original. Factory paint is flexible yet becomes brittle over time. Proper PDR techniques do not damage your paint or clear coat. No heat, dry ice, or suction is used. We use a series of steel tools with varying degrees of bend along with different tips and leverage. Technique and control are key to a good repair along with years of practice and a vast understanding of metallurgy. Cars are made with varying strengths of steel, aluminum, and ultra-high strength materials that all repair differently. Trust us with your repair, you won't be disappointed.

How we perform the art of Paintless Dent Repair