Common Questions and Myths

An educated consumer makes for a better repair!

No, dry ice is not used in the process of PDR.

The age of your car's dents have no bearing on the repair. However, the paint condition on the vehicle may hinder repair tactics.

No, properly performed PDR doesn’t affect your factory paint finish.

The sun only makes the damage harder to see. Once we pull the vehicle inside, you will be able to evaluate the damage more accurately.

No, the dents removed, will never come back regardless of the environment.

Yes, PDR is the preferred repair by: insurance companies, auto manufacturers, auto dealers, and leasing companies.

Depositing the check can adversely affect the claim, depending on the insurance company and the type of claim. We advise that you hold on to the check until the completion of repair.

No, hail damage is considered under comprehensive coverage. “Not Collision”

No, your insurance company inspects every hail claim. The repair shop you choose will work off the insurance estimate.

No, it is your legal right to choose any repair shop you trust! Choose based on quality, reviews, warranty, and trust.

No, it’s mandatory that all hail insurance claims will not be processed and paid until your insurance adjuster estimates your vehicle in person. This holds true for all hail insurance claims, we will gladly help you navigate this process.

Some insurance companies ask you to get estimates in order to determine if the damage is worth making a claim.

Yes, on paintless dent repair and other small repairs. We do not give free wreck estimates or hail estimates due to the fact that you cannot give a complete estimate on a repair of this size.
Comprehensive estimates are written for a fee that will be refunded in full if we complete the repair for you. Comprehensive estimates will take 1–2 hours, depending on the scale of damage. We do this type of claim to help determine if making a claim is right for you.