What you need to know when you are involved in a collision

*Important*: It is against the law for an Insurance company to try to steer or direct you to one of the repair facility's that they have business contracts with, AKA DRP's (Direct Repair Shops).

This practice is in violation of US law (the 1963 Federal Consent Decree), yet is still pervasive throughout the industry, as insurance companies attempt to drive policyholders to shops on their referral networks. In exchange for a high volume of insurance company referrals, preferred shops will agree to use aftermarket, imitation, or junkyard parts, which are often unsafe and poor quality in comparison to genuine parts.

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I got hit by someone so what are my options?

3rd party claims (claims where you are dealing with the persons at faults insurance company to pay for your losses) can also be a nightmare to deal with. But now we are going to give you the information that you need so you don't have to go at it alone.

If we are going to drive then unfortunately accidents will happen. We understand that it is one big headache, especially when you are involved in an accident and it is the other persons fault.

Insurance companies are not your friend by any means. Their job is to get out of paying for something by spending as little as possible.

Now don't get me wrong, we deal with some really good insurance companies who allow their adjusters to be fair throughout the entire claims process, although that in our area of South Carolina that isn't as often as we would like to see it.

When you are involved in a accident that involves 3rd party claims you have 2 options

1) Use the at faults insurance and see if they would be willing to indemnify you for safe and proper repairs to bring your vehicle back to pre-loss condition

2) File a claim under your insurance policy, pay your deductable and see if your insurance company will subrogate the claim and go get their money back from the at faults insurance company and your insurance company will reimburse you your deductable that was paid by you to have your vehicle repaired once they get the claim settled. (*Only if you have collision coverage on your policy)

When using the at faults insurance they will usually either direct you to a place that they are working out of to write you an estimate for you to give to the collision repair facility of your choosing or they may have you take photos of the damage and upload the photos to them and they will write a quick estimate and send you the initial payment. *Note: Either way that you choose 99.999% of the time the collision repair facility will need to submit a supplement back to the insurance company for additional damages that may exceed their original estimate by thousands of dollars. So don't be surprised when you see how little the original estimate dollar amount is.

Auto Insurance Report Card

At one time all of these Insurance companies we the best. But times are changing quickly and now more than ever it is extremely important to have a company than will be there for you when you need them most.

2021 Insurance Companies Report Card Survey courtesy of Crash Network.

If you would like to see the complete results of all insurance companies and how your insurance company scored you can download the complete results here. Insurer Report Card

For a quality repair to put your vehicle back to pre-loss condition takes hours and sometimes days of preparation, planning and research to ensure that the repairs meet the OEM's repair standards on how they want their vehicles to be repaired so if or when the vehicles sustains another impact it will crash the way that it was designed too.